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Medical Aesthetics

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Developing a medical spa, acne center, clinical skin care program, or antiaging program is a most advantageous business for a physician, nurse and aesthetician.  Skin Care Specialists can implement  a comprehensive program without feeling pushed in one direction with their talents.


Skin Care Specialist

" Hands-On" Acne




Acaraya® Skin Care Consulting Firm Physicians and Aestheticians


Anna D. Rinehart, Facial Instructor

Preventive Skin Health

"Aestheticians, Physicians, Nurses"

 A whole new  multi-disciplinary approach for  skin care specialists

Facial Aesthetics, Approach Aging with a pre-emptive  evidence- based skin care management program




Anna D. Rinehart


Cosmetic Dermatology Facial Aesthetics

Clinical Skin Care

ComprehenHand of the Aestheticiansive




Medical Aesthetics FACE®

 Workshops for "hands-On" Aesthetic Treatments for Nurses ( LPN, RN, NP )

Physicians obtain the infrastructure for business marketing based on experience, trends, statistics, and interact with medical aestheticians.




Clinical Skin Care


Non-surgical facial aesthetics

A new skin healthcare paradigm.

Medical Aesthetics is an extension of preventive healthcare, a multidiscipline approach utilizing a broad base of medical and aesthetic skills to achieve a healthier life validating antiaging and wellness aesthetic disciplines.



Medical Aesthetics  FACE®

Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education



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 " Hands-On"

 1:1 Medical Aesthetics Apprenticeship

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Clinical Skin Care Management

Anna D. Rinehart, Facial Aesthetics Instructor


Clinical Skin Care Program

Learn how to create, establish a comprehensive clinical skin care management program within your medical office, medical aesthetics spa and or hospital based program. Nurses and aestheticians can work effectively for the continuity of patient care. Learn the skills, treatments and procedures integrated within these programs.


Doctors enjoy a more direct "hands-On" program
Nurses enjoy applying their personal touch
Aestheticians enjoy a more thriving relationship
Patients enter a comfortable environment
Staff are able to promote Wellness and Health
Clinical skills are non-ablative cosmetic procedures

    Medical Skin Care Programs for Physicians

 Medical Aesthetics FACE®

Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education

Acaraya®  Clinical Skin Care Consulting

Learn Facial

Aesthetics Treatments


Introduction to Medical Aesthetics

 Doctors "Hands-On" Workshops

Clinical Skin Care Management



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